Screening My Work

My plans to screen/present my work to a specific audience:

Who will I show? My family and college friends and whoever’s that’s round. I am showing them as they will give me the honest truth especially my family who wont thing twice about ripping it apart. When showing my work I want a critical evaluation and they may give some of this. I don’t expect a full analysis but I want a few positives and negatives.

How will I screen my work? I will present it to them on my laptop at home and at college.

How will you collect feedback? While the participants watch the film I will jot down what they say if they say anything. And then after each person watches it, I will talk to them individually and ask them a few questions.


Feed back

Rose Cronk-Hill

Watching ‘Against The Ropes’ I felt I could relate strongly to the story line which is relevant to past and present issues I have had in my life and see in the lives of people around me. The way the presence of  failure in todays society and the negative impact it can have on a person is shown both through the real life examples of peoples struggles at the beginning of the film and the story of the boxer is very emotive and successfully put across, both hit close to home which is why the monologue gave me motivation as it was showing ways to overcome the obstacles presented to me. The way the boxing scenes were edited gave a very dramatic feel to the film so the impact of the message was very powerful and direct.

I enjoyed the film and came away with a sense that anything is possible. It was a successful way to get across a positive message of perseverance and self belief. I give it 1,000,000 stars #furtureoscarwinner #sexymoviemakerman


Aaron Lazarus

Nice use of archival footage with new and old clips. I really like the voice over that plays over those archival clips because you’ve used two different people, male and female which gives different perspectives. The music that plays over it also works well as well. Overall, that whole first minute provides a whole lot of motivation. The next part is also good with those 3 seconds of quick cuts being great. Lovely cinematography, great use of light and the contrast between light and dark. Nice use of focus as well. The audio of the punches syncs up well with each cut. Throughout the film there is good camera movement with most of it being handheld which adds fluidity to each shot and each cut. I like your voice over although it could be louder as sometimes your voice gets overshadowed by the music. The script is good and feels quite fresh when it comes to motivational videos. I like that you’re talking to the boxer directly as it makes it feel more personal and like you’re a emotionally invested in his goals. Your voice could also be a bit clearer. The music cuts off before the film finishes which has a jarring effect, that needs to fade nicely. Overall, it works very well and I personally feel motivated to go out and do something, but honestly I won’t. Well done 🙂

Hannah Millward

 I really liked the video. Positives: There was great speeches at the beginning of the film, it was really captivating to hear real speeches and both delivered by a man and a woman which was great. Another positive: The shot were atmospheric and really quite emotive which was engaging. I really liked the sound track also. he fight scenes at the beginning were great. An atmospheric pause after the speech about ‘failing by default’ which was really gripping. The only thing I may point out is that the voice of the narrator became a bit quiet and not so clear as the music gets louder towards the end of the film so there were patches where it is a little tricky to hear the narratives. Other than that, Great!

Tracey Millward

Really good video. I like the video as it goes from years back till now. The story is powerful. The meaning is direct and shows everyone is the same. It’s saying how giving up on anything is the easiest thing to do, but life is the trying the learning the pushing forward and not always getting what you want. But a life with ups and downs is a life that’s been lived. Actor acts well in all clip’s 

Now the negatives. Stuggling to hear clearly what is being said behind the music. Not sure if the narrator isn’t load enough or the music seems loader in places. I’ve watched it a few times and I have managed to hear all that’s being said, it is a really good script. The words being said sounds like it could have been professionally written.

Ben millward 

I thought the piece was very professional, the range of black and white and colour image was awesome. The montage at the beginning perfectly set up the rest of the clip, especially with the quick fire punches at the end of the montage (1:00). However, sometimes the dialogue was inaudible in the music (3:00). The video definitely appealed to me in that it is about the sport of boxing, the mindset and discipline that it entails and the personal gains that it provides.

I think the video definitely does serve its purpose as it is motivational and inspiring.

Peter Brooke

Yo man that was awesome i thought the cinematography was on point especially that final shot with the light behind the punch bag also i thought the music swelled in sync with your insparational voice over i also liked the adition of the archive footage of other boxers at the start with famous quotes being played over it as it set the scene for the whole fmp and what the audince could expect also your voice over was really inspiring i felt the only jarring thing i thought was the switch in audio quality from the old voice recordings and yours but that cant really be helped and finally i loved the amount of shot variety which kept the video intresting from start to finish