Potential Competition

As my film is in a somewhat of its own genre its hard to predict an actuate competition, so all research here will be guess work in what competition my film might have. As most motivational videos normally showcase someone isn’t as abled as you or with some sort of problem to pretty much make the audience see how lucky they are enough though they don’t think it and see how negative life can be.

This video is called Never give up, its a motivational short film that focuses on a man who is suffering with a partial disability in his legs. The film explore this character’s struggle and his ability to cope with his limitations. An emotional connection with this character is what makes this film so heart gripping. Never Give Up is a story of self determination. No matter what life throws at you, fight for your dreams. Greatness is not just for a chosen few, greatness is for everybody.

A very similar concept to mine however my is aimed those struggling to battle life, and all that entails mentally within healthy abled teenagers. This film was produced by Caputre That Films. Who are a small time YouTube channel and film business with around 4000 subscribers. They are known for they inspirational videos. As the subject and concept of the films are actually quite dark and meaningful, I don’t really see anyone as competition as I’m not producing the film for any profit or credit, I just want people to be motivated and inspired. So they see that they have a life ahead of them and yeah we all see dark times, and need that someone to pull us up. I know how these video effect people as they effected and helped me. I want to show people that whatever is going on, they can get through it. These are not competitors.

Another example is this;

This video directly links to mine. its about life. This video was made by Mateusz. The film has defiantly met its purpose and is extremely powerful, however as we established it again isn’t my competition it more of another video that I can gain technical inspiration from. It shows me what a successful film is, however I also know from the success of this film on a personal level. Its this that inspired my choice of film I think as I wanted to help others. Mateusz M is a great filmmaker and has great outlook on life and really tried to make a difference. Motivation films is what he is known for and has a fan base of around 35000. I defiantly taken so much from his videos to give my film to be as successful as possible.