Narrators Monologue


Lets face it kid,

people try hard everyday… and fail

people quit, its not a matter of when really or even how

its why

life is hard

it doesn’t wait for anybody,  it won’t offer you any hand outs

but see this as good thing

see this separates the quitters from the winners

the weak from the strong

the good from the great

Thing is.. some people might not make it

see we tend to listen when the world tells us, we can’t do something

we learn to live a lie, either ours or someone else

so you have to fight

make no mistake that people are gonna try keep you down and only see the negative about you

they’ll try to make a coward out of you

this will only make you stronger

give your more motivation to prove those wrong

Protect yourself at all times, the second you let your guard down is when its gonna happen

what are you gonna do when your backs against the wall, your tired, your losing

you gonna cry? you gonna quit? like everyone else

i don’t think so, not on my watch

see we all are always gonna have pain in life, some say its what we are meant for

its controls us, we all fall down due to pain or anger at one point

don’t get me wrong this aint the first and for sure it won’t be last time

you’ve gotta put up your guard, and try you best to duck and dodge punches being throw your way in life

sometimes you won’t

sometimes it will just keep coming harder and harder

you’ve gotta build yourself up,

see during your life, expect to take

you gonna take hit after hit,

blow after blow,

shot after shot

life won’t stop

see, not everyone can be a Champion

so what happens when you fall down when life gets you down?

you’ve tried your hardest and found yourself down looking up at those who doubted you,

against all odds, against everything and everyone thats telling you to give up

you’re gonna pick yourself up