Target Audience

00ically 12-20 year olds. The demographics of my audience will be in the socio-economic, D/E region as the age range will be those going through education and those who are fresh out of it. The audience will be aspirers due to how I’m going to construct the film to make it inspirational.  Its aimed at this audience as this is the time in which we are all growing and when life gets people down and where young people are trying to make something of themselves. I feel my audience will be primarily male due to the stereotypes surrounding boxing. I hope to construct my film in a certain way in which this stereotype wont be an issue or first thought for the audience. Also as my film is technically a sports film, specifically about boxing, sports and boxing fans are going to form part of my audience and hopefully be clear through my narrative is clear through the narrative and genre. As my film is based around boxing the common denotation is violence, which is stereotypically associated with males rather than females, the main character is also male which will create a male target audience as well. I will be conducting audience research surveys which should help to define my audience.along with there beliefs, values, hobbies etc. I am targeting all ethnicity’s because sport in general brings all ethnicity’s together, especially boxing. In boxing there are many famous boxers who have different ethnic origins. Sport does not have a specific ethnic audience, they target all cultures, religions. This helps reinforce my ideas about how this video can appeal to anyone. I am trying to branch out my audience as far as I can to help aid with the successfulness.

The results from my target audience research is


As you can see my questionnaire has show