Final Project Pitch

Presentation: The Pitch

Production Schedule

Outline of concept (what are you making? what is the focus/story etc)

I plan to make a short sports film abut boxing, the film will be from  1 and a half minutes to 3 long, I aim to make the film inspirational and makes an imprint on the audience. The film that’ll have no speech or dialogue except from a narrator, and this will be accompanied by a inspirational backing track. The film will illustrate life like a boxing match. This is what the narrator will be saying, while on screen we will see a young male character exercising and training to box. The short will start by the main character waking up and going for a run, music playing. Around 25/30 seconds in the narrator will start and the music will start to gain beat/tempo (build). The script will be an inspirational monologue with a powerful message. About 3/4 through the film there will be a climax in music where the narrators words with be more defined and more powerful. During the music building the exercise we see the main character doing will get more intense and hard as we seen strain and fatigue in the character face mostly using close ups. After the climax the music will stop and it’ll just be the narrator talking (so the delivery is more powerful and not drown out by the music) as we see the pain and physical exhaustion of the character. It will then end with the character stopping/resting, as the final line is delivered, on cue the character gets up and carry’s on, the music then starts again after the final line “They get back up”. Shot stays the same as the credits roll. Shot blurs and the title fades in “On the ropes(working title)” The focus of the film is to purely to educate and inspire young people that life isn’t going to be easy.

Target Audience

My target audience will be teenagers specifically 12-20 year olds. The demographics of my audience will be in the socio-economic, D/E region as the age range will be those going through education and those who are fresh out of it. The audience will be aspirers due to how I’m going to construct the film to make it inspirational.  Its aimed at this audience as this is the time in which we are all growing and when life gets people down and where young people are trying to make something of themselves. I feel my audience will be primarily male due to the stereotypes surrounding boxing. I hope to construct my film in a certain way in which this stereotype wont be an issue or first thought for the audience. Also as my film is technically a sports film, specifically about boxing, sports and boxing fans are going to form part of my audience and hopefully be clear through my narrative is clear through the narrative and genre. As my film is based around boxing the common denotation is violence, which is stereotypically associated with males rather than females, the main character is also male which will create a male target audience as well. I will be conducting audience research surveys which should help to define my audience, along with their beliefs, values, hobbies etc.



Inspiration (how does the idea reflect the work of your practitioner? Where did the idea come from?

My idea reflects on my practitioner  as I want to create something inspirational like Casey Neistat’s films. I want to recreate something original and powerful.  Caseys films gets you instantly hooked. This is why I chose him as a practitioner for his passion and his ability to be able connect and evoke a reaction from his audience. I feel like if executed correctly I could make my idea similar to that of Casey. The idea to do a boxing film has been with me for a while and I’ve always wanted to attempt an idea like this, watching Casey though inspired my idea to make the video inspirational. The other practitioner that helped inspired my idea from the boxing side of things was watching the film Southpaw, directed by Antonie Fuqua. This film inspired me for 2 reasons, one for audience positioning and the second is for the execution of the training scenes, which I aim to recreate. What Fuqua does is position the audience like a fighter in the boxing ring, this is done by creating a connection with the audience from the start, this is done by the death of his wife. This is the first punch. We then see what this does to the main characters and sympathise with him from here as we go on and see how his life collapses, the audience keeps being hit. This sort of metaphor of putting the audience in the ring inspired my idea of making a boxing match as a metaphor for life, and to try to make my audience be positioned in such a way that they have a emotional attachment to the film,  for the film to make them think, to inspire.

Key conclusions from research (what did you research? what did you learn?


As this is a student film the cost and budgets will be very limited, as i plan to hire equipment and buy the licensing for music and sound effects. My budget for this project as you done have to take into account things like man hours, crew etc. My budget is about £200, for all transportation of myself and crew members. Along with music that’ll cost from anywhere from £1-10. The budget of £200 is nothing, what would be considered when deciding budgets etc of a professional production would be around £2400.



Production Schedule (outline the key dates for filming/editing etc)