Antoine Fuqua – Practitioner

Antoine Fuqua is a film director and producer. Initially active as a music video director, he has worked primarily in the action and thriller film sub-genres, and is best known for his 2001 Academy Award-winning film Training Day.  Fuqua was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  After going to school for electrical engineering, with the hope of becoming a pilot in the military, Fuqua began his career directing music videos for popular artists like Toni Braxton, Stevie wonder and Prince. From 1998 onwards, he began directing feature films, although he has worked on a few music videos since 200 1 he then directed training day starring Denzel Washington.

Why Anton Fuqua?

I choose Fuqua due to the directing in south paw. While researching it lead me to watch this film. The film is amazing and does exactly what I want to do in my video. And that is to put the audience in a metaphor. this metaphor is that your watching a boxing film however its structured in such a way that it reels the audience, then as we a watch the life of the main boxer we get immersed so when something in his life goes wrong, the audience feel it and we take a hit (hence the metaphor) every time something would go wrong for the character the audience would take a blow and get knocked down exactly like a boxing match. It delved flawlessly . This is similar to what I want to create, I want to loose the audience in the film, have a contest connection making the meaning stand out so much more. I want them to be completely inspired and influenced by it. To do this I need to do what Fuqua does I need to establish a connection with the main character so the audience cares about him/her. then use emotion to get the point across. If I can play on the audience emotion then I feel the meaning of what is being said is 10x as powerful. This will be done by script, its shown me how powerful my script/monologue will have to be. Fuquas technique of indirect direct address has solidified my concept as this is what ill recreate. By having a metaphor of life and boxing it will allow the audience to relate to it as they will think about their ups and downs in life, and they might be on a down at that moment I and I aim my film will pick them up, well inspire then to pick them selfs up and not give up and keep fighting. I will also use the camera work and editing presented in south paw, especially the work surrounding boxing. Typical shots I could use :

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