Final Major Project Proposal

Centre Name – Number: Exeter College – 54221

Student Name and Number: Dan Millward 9900463219

Project Proposal Title and Date:

Main Pathway/Medium: Short Film

Section 1 – Rationale

Throughout this year we have covered much of the media spectrum including live television which i found most interesting. during the year i have emphatically developed my skills set within the industry.  In the TV project, i was placed as a floor manager. Being in this role allowed me to display my most valuable skill that i have realised, which is my ability to lead. The role also demanded effective and efficient communication with my team, another valuable trait that I possess. I feel that the thing that has influenced me most was the corporate video task, working with Laura Wall showed me that i wanted to product something to inspire i also really enjoyed the cinematography of our corporate video and wanted to have a chance of being that creative again. 

Section 2 – Project Concept

I aim to produce a short inspirational film that’ll have no audio except from a narrator and backing track, the film will illustrate life like a boxing match. This is what the narrator will be saying, while on screen we will see a young male/female training/exercising/boxing. The short will start by the main character waking up and going for a run. as the music builds and the narrators words have more meaning, there will be a climax in which the music peaks. as the music music build the exercise get more and more intense and hard as we seen strain and fatigue in the character until the climax then the music will stop and it’ll just be the narrator talking as we see the pain and physical exhaustion of the character. It will then end with the character achieving something. (like winning a fight or something)

it In order to be able to do this i will need conduct cohesive research in order to write a powerful script. I will research into biographies of boxers, get fit, get inspired campaigns , inspirational speeches and other inspirational shorts in order to gain enough knowledge to be able to pull this off. All research that i conduct will help expand and solidify my ideas as it will further give me features to include. to shoot my film I will be using a Canon 500d with a 18-55mm and a 75-300mm lens in order to capture both wide, close and far shots. i want my film to have a somewhat rigid feel t it, due to this for most shots they will be hand held or done with a fig rig. i also plan to have a extreme wide angle shot with the main character mid frame from a bird eye view to do this i will use a Phantom Drone. For the research side of things i will be using a computer, along with books and scripts.

Section 3 – Evaluation

For my product I plan to evaluate my work through the process and at the end, in order to do this I will Vlog regular updates on my project as this will show my progress over this task. By reflecting my progress every week it will record all my decision making, planning, changes, problems, expanding ideas and production updates. I will then analyse the process and how this helped create my final product as an filmed evaluation. Along with a written evaluation of my product.

Section 4 – Production Schedule/Action Plan

Production Schedule

Section 5 – Research Sources/Bibliography

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