Cost, Budget & Production Issues

As this is a student film the cost and budgets will be very limited, as i plan to hire equipment and buy the licensing for music and sound effects. My budget for this project as you done have to take into account things like man hours, crew etc. My budget is about £200, for all transportation of myself and crew members. Along with music that’ll cost from anywhere from £1-10. The budget of £200 is nothing, what would be considered when deciding budgets etc of a professional production would be:

Cast and Crew – I worn be able to pay anyone due to the limited budget, but i will clarify too them when I’m hiring crew, this should be an assumption anyway as ill most likely be asking those on my course. I will however pay for all traveling costs of the crew.
Travel – an unavoidable cost. for me and my crew
Catering –  will try to fund or provide food for the crew as i’ve heard if you can feed your team well they will be much happier to work for you.
Location – it depends where the shoots are, but this will be thoroughly researched not making it an issue.
Camera and Lights – Equipment will need to be hired and carried to location.
Stock, Insurance, Post-production and Marketing, Post-production & Editing, Press & Publicity Materials etc.

If this was a professional production for these are the sorts of prices for equipment:

Camera Hire (no lens)-£300 a day

Lenses – £350 a day

Tripod -£45 a day

Compact slider – £45 a day

Lighting(Panels,stands and screens) – £56 a day

Audio Equipment(Boom/audio mixers) – £88 a day

Sub Total – £884 a day for 2 days

Total – £1728 for equipment

(All prices sourced from

For Crew

This is all baring in mind that myself would do all pre and post production work including script, storyboard and editing. For a camera operator id say that i would need one camera operators for probably 4/5 hours. Overall this would cost me from £30/60 an hour depending on experience and reputation. So this would cost me £150 for my camera operator. For a sound technician it would cost me for the 6 hours, £90 so £15 an hour. Then for the actor it would cost me £11 an hour, bring that total to £66.  The cheapest lighting technician I found was £20 and hour meaning that it would cost £120 as well.

Camera Operator: £150

Sound: £90

Actor: £66

Lighting: £120

Total for crew: £426

Total for Equipment: £1728

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Camera Operators:

Sound Techinicans: (