Part II – TedTalk

The focus of the research is to find out about how woman are discriminated against within the video game industry. To do this I will look at the a range of video games, in particular the video game company Ubisoft with the series Assassins Creed and Far Cry. I will also go into Hitman and Saints Row in order to get a sound knowledge of the discrimination of females, and try to answer the question  “why?” and explore the reasoning behind this. As a gamer myself i do consume a lot of video games and have begun to notice this discrimination as it really isn’t subtle. I find this discrimination frankly disgusting. For my TED TALK I will research into the video games series assassins creed, specifically assassins creed unity. As the trailer for the game caused a lot of controversy as it didn’t include any female combatants i will research into Ubisofts claims and case surrounded this issue, I will also go into the same issue that had with far cry 4. As Ubisoft claimed that woman were too much work/too hard to animate. I will also go into Assassins Creed syndicate and how it did well include female combatants and why this has been done before, and the fact on the audience this has. i will then go into other games that   represent the females in the game in an over sexualised way, in order to answer the question “are video games exist to satisfy the male dominated audience.” I will use the games Hitman and Saints row to show how sexualised females appear, i will then use street fighter to proof that games can include females without them being half naked and less than the males in the games. Furthermore I plan to research into how long it took game series to include females. For example games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fifa etc. As playing these games I’ve only recently started to realise that female combatants are actually started to be included. From my research i already know that the problem is out there the research is just going to educate me in how drastic the issue is as i only have limited knowledge on a select few games, and considering the video game industry is massive and expands over loads of platforms. i feel the issue will be found in most games on the market as the video game industry audience is know to be male dominated this is the reasoning behind the companies not really having females in games that are not there to be looking at sexually or there to be saved. I also expect to find out the audience reaction to this and how games companies have a lack of effort to include females when producing games. I feel like what i find out is going to be quit distgusinh and lack faith in the games industry, which is sad as i love it so much. text text text text text text