Part IV – Evaluation



Score out of 10
Was I well organised? 8
Speaking as a group I feel that we seriously lacked good organisation and representation, this showed in the practice sessions as all sessions before the filming date, we had nothing. All we managed to do was an intro. This was because how many times our idea and or script changed. However on a personal level I feel like I was very organised, as being part of the sub team Gemma and myself planned, shot and edited a vt within the first week of the brief. While doing this I also completed the logo design within the first week and coordinated with the intro sequence producers on where the logo will appear.
Score out of 10
Did I plan well? 5
I feel that my planning was effect and well thought out. Being part of the sub-team lead me to plan and shoot a vt for the show. This was done quickly and to an appropriate standard. The reasoning behind the 5 out of 10 is due to the team, the show was not planned at all, the show was heavily improvised. This was due to miscommunication of the ever-changing script and main concept.
Score out of 10
How would you judge your own contribution? 8
I rate my own contribution very highly due to my ethic when working. I worked close with the producer to try and controller and guide the team in the right direction. My role was a floor manager, however on set my skills also lead me to be a stand in producer and vision mixer. I further went on to pioneer the lighting of the studio as the lighting technician was quite clueless.
Score out of 10
Did you enjoy working in Live TV?/Do you enjoy working in large teams? 5
Yes and no, yes purely for the fact that it was new and fresh experience. The whole thing taught me so many new skills that I can take with me into my career firstly the actual production side of TV and what goes into making a live TV show, and secondly the skills and attributes needed to work within a team. the 5 out of 10 is as i really enjoyed the production side of it however when it comes to things like communication it was dreadful, seemed like no one was communicating which meant no-one understood what we were doing. Also i’d imagine when working in larger groups professionally everyone would understand and would be educated in their chosen field. meaning everyone would understand what they are doing so the producer and floor manager don’t need to babysit the production team.
Score out of 10
How well are you able to produce products that appeal to a specific audience? 8
I feel as a group we produced a product that directly targeted our target audience. Our target audience was 18-34 years olds with mostly a male dominated audience, this was clearly shown within the host and guest being male, also the themes content and humour all was aimed at our audience. For example themes such as conspiracy theories which is quite a controversial subject, as Channel 4 has proven, it likes to air more risky shows to get people talking and taking to social media. Content was aimed at our selected audience due to artist in which we chose Sadi, who would appeal to the audience as she makes music in a genre that would typically be listened to by 18 to 34 year olds. it was expanded the niche audience of conspiracy theories as it gave more content for the audience to enjoy. And finally the humour was altered to or audience, this was relatively easy to do as the team fitted into the audience so we just produced something that would appeal to us and make us laugh.

Process Focused Skills: Communication. Ability to build rapport. Persuasive and influencing. Facilitation. Feedback. Chairing meetings. Conflict resolution.

Score out of 10
Did I communicate well? 7
I feel in many aspects  was one of the few to actually communicate in our team, I was also there to help the producer communicate as he took too many responsibilities upon himself. I feel like the only way i could improve my communication within task was to improve my patience with people, as disagreement would get heated then it would then turn into an argument. this then meant valuable time was lost arguing rather than practising. this was mainly when in the TV studio.
Score out of 10
Did I build rapport with my team well? 5
Yes and no hence 5 again. Yes because myself and my team seemed to have a good relationship and enthusiasm to it however when it came to practice sessions and the time went on  a lot of conflicts arose in which then sort of ripped the team apart. This in an ordinary environment would of been fine however as some people did not act professionally it lead to fallouts and people being spoken over (opinion not listened too etc) and people walking off.
Score out of 10
Was I persuasive and influencing? Were my ideas heard? 6
 Our team had a good enough chemistry for all ideas to voice and heard by others in the team, well all but Ozie. Other than that as its wasn’t my idea, I just listened to the idea and concept that was presented to me. My ideas were heard when I was putting in my input when it came to set design and lighting the studio etc. I feel the producer did an exceptional job at including everyone in decisions and listening to all ideas being pitched, even though the producers idea he took on board a lot of changes from the other team members..
Score out of 10
Did I chair the meeting? (Did I lead the meeting?) n/a
Even though I didn’t chair a meeting I was apart of all of those meeting, even though not the producer, when the producer was away sick; I took his place to discuss the current affairs of the show and what everyone would be working on and if people had met their deadlines and showed the updated script to everyone, while giving people task to do. This improving my communication skills and my ability to lead.
Score out of 10
Did I resolve conflicts well? 4
from my personal point of view, no. Purely for the fact that I conducted myself professionally and did not cause any unnecessary conflicts. I listened to other ideas and allowed everyone to voice their idea, but then i’d also tell them to forget it and move on when the producer had already told them no. I feel like I did not resolve conflicts well as no conflicts (well towards the end) was personal all just purely professional and constructive.
Score out of 10
Did I work with other people well? 9
Yes I feel like I worked with people well, well all people but one (cough cough Ozie) I feel like my communication skill lead me to make a professional relationship with all my team members, which meant everyone could voice their opinions and ideas and they would be listen to and that we could have a laugh and joke, and this relationship make it of a less intense environment to work in, and it made it easy to get work done. However this particular question might not be met in the same way to others in the group, due to others conflicts slowing progress of the show.

Peer Feedback

After presenting our TV show to the class this is the feedback we got.


  • “The presenter Ozie Gilbert, was good confident and enthusiastic all what a host has to be making him perfect for the role.”
  • “The Show was well rounded and informative especially through the use of inserts, which were all well shot and edited to a professional level.”
  • “They also covered interesting and relevant topics to the audience.”
  • “From the technical point of view the show oozed professionalism through a good studio layout, good lighting and camera angles being well executed.”  Furthermore “the whole show just was smooth and flowed well.”

This feedback has reinforced my knowledge of being able to appeal to a specific target audience, this is due to the fact that the audience evaluating the TV show all fit into that audience. The feedback also show that myself and team worked to a consistently high level of professionalism due to how the show was executed.

  • “The introduction of the TV show was a little too long”
  • “The Mandela effect insert even though informative did go on a little too long”
  • “During some parts of the show the lighting seemed to be quite dark, for example the medium shot of the presenter and guest”
  • “The sound throughout the show was very inconsistent, this bad sound/audio levels especially on the last insert give the show a real amertur feel to it”
  • “Another feature that let down the professional feel of the show was that of it not having an outro nor credit reel.
  • “Even though the camera angles were good, i feel that some were just held to long on screen”

This feedback was very good to know as it will help alter and improve my skills and knowledge if I ever do anything in TV in my career. Firstly i do agree that the intro was too long, I feel like it would be a good intro to have for the first ever show to air, however all episodes after the first show should have an edited/ shorter version as it would just become ludicrous. I feel all inserts could have been improved, firstly audio. The audio for all inserts were pretty poor especially the jays grave VT this should of been reshot but due to time limits we just didn’t have time. Sound was definitely our main issue throughout the show, it was very inconsistent and this just gave our entire show a sense of that of an amateur production. This is the number one improvement of our show, and have learnt how audio can make or break a production. This has shown me what precautions i should take when recording audio. For the lighting issues basically we were limited to what area of the set we could light due to the static lighting equipment, however considering what we had available I feel like we did well it could’ve also been down to cameras not being correctly white balanced. The last criticism we had were purely for the lack of preparation, like the reason some shots were held too long was because we didn’t have a camera shot script so we the changes of angle were purely down to the vision mixer and director predicting the question answers and reaction by following the script. This is the same for not having credits this was due to the video file not rendering out in time for the actual show.