Part II – Idea Development


Idea 1 – Cooking Showthe-uni-survival

My first idea is a cooking show where its base principles and ideas are to help university student “survive.” The show would cover a wide range of ideas and tips in how to be effective with money at university. and how you can cook great food with a small budget. The show would also have a sectioned called “back to basics” in which we would have a guest uni student that has a problem like “how to boil and egg” and we would then teach them, having a comedic sense however actually being educational and beneficial for audience (without being condescending). back-to-basicss

The main part of the show will be live meaning the set would be a kitchen set up with all the needed utensils.  the format would be similar to that of the Saturday morning live, meaning the presenter will be the main chef then the guest be helping him out and asking him questions etc. For the “back to basics” section will be a pre-recorded vt. this will run when there is a break for cooking so its not just people stood about. after the vt has finished then would then discuss it. The main dish would then be continued. before cooking the present will go thought whats going to be cooked, the ingredients which will be an info-graphic and the cost of the food etc.  The show will be informal and maybe quite rude as we will be using people the same age as the target audience in order to make it attract to them, it’ll be very comedic as the guest wont really know what they’re doing, playing of there inexperience to cooking. The studio will have a 4 camera set up. 2 for medium closes up when talking, 1 for a medium shot of the kitchen, 1 a close-up on chefs hands etc.


Idea 2 – The Tinfoil Revolution

My second idea is called the tinfoil revelations. This will be a conspiracy theory show in which we invited experts on to talk about major conspiracy theories and their thoughts and professional opinions on them, it will be accompanied by VTs showing the theory and possible point of views the theory has.  Along with another celebrity guess then will then discuss the theory.  The show would be aired the same time, as the content wouldn’t be explicit however the theories might be controversial. the show would be very serious in content this would be conceded in the simple set and dark and uniform. this will also be shown in the dark house colours, dark greens and blacks. The show would be 20 minutes long, every week. The showed would also be quite comedic at times as the guest wouldn’t know about these sort of things, and these theories would also cause agreements due to conflicting opinions.


Evaluation – The primary target audience for Channel 4 is young adults aged between 18-30 year olds, which is the audience these TV shows are designed for. First the cooking show as the audience is very student based as the show is aim directly for student to teach them how to cook the basics when studying/ moving away from home. This is also shown as the guest of the show are in the target audience to make it relatable, making it easier for the viewer to watch as they understand the type of humour and the position of the guest. This show would fit perfectly for Channel for knowing there audiences, and would also fit the time slot as its past watershed which is the typical time the target audience would fine time to watch anything. This time slot is known for its Live TV shows which are on a set, like games shows etc. That’s why the Uni Survival Guide would fit perfectly as its very similar to that of a games show, making it an easy watch for the audience.

The Tinfoil Revolution shares similarities to that of the TV ‘no offence’ as it contains themes that can be quite tongue in cheek, as it makes the audience laugh for how outrageous and controversial some of the themes and jokes are. I feel that again 9pm, channel 4 would be a perfect slot for this program for exactly that reason. its very conventional of channel 4 to air this type of program. this means that due to he success of no offence a show with similar traits show also succeed. What would also make the The Tinfoil Revolution appeal to the audience is that they would discus current affairs and have guest or celebrities recognised by the target audience. However there is a definite limit to this idea as content might be hard to find after a could months of the show.

Overall I feel that the show that would prosper of these 2 is definitely the Uni Survival Guide this is due to it having a less niche sub-audience. As the tinfoil revolution is about conspiracy theories, even though an original idea if feel the niche audience is aimed at would let it down. I also feel the Uni Survival Guide would also just be more entertaining for Channel 4 audience, due to its originality and idea that would appeal to a lot more than the specified audience. As its an opportunity for the older audience the ability to laugh at other people incompetence and make them feel better about themselves.