Critical Reflection

Are you happy with your decisions?

I feel that I’m as happy as could be with my designs as they were somewhat forced due to my inability to join the royal marines on medical grounds, this lead to me going on to my plan b, uni. As I found out about my condition quite late on meant had to rush to apply for uni. As I knew this could be a possibilities did attend open events for university to see which id be interested in, this is how I chose Bournemouth. at the end of the day through the decision I have been have been my back up plan meaning I’m not 100% happy with them as I’ve not been able to do my first intentions. Feel like even through not happy with my decisions I do feel like it has worked out for the best as the more think about uni the happy and more confident I become.

have you met your set goals?

As my goal were more long term I cannot say that I have met any of them however I feel confident that I’m on track to meet them. My first goals were to gain this qualification I’m currently working on, I’m defiantly on track to reaching this goal as I’m currently working at a merit on my course. My second goals was to take a gap year to train for the military this was an achievable goal to me as I was already training however every since not being able to join I had rethink this goal, the 3rd goal was to Add to dictionary join the marines but again had to rethink. My goals then went to applying to university and conducting work experience while there. I feel these goals are easily reachable as I’ve got a good set of qualifications that should be able to get me to university on a chosen course also as most courses push media industry experience feel it would be easy to get due to links universities have. I already have possible work places I could attend while studying at university as both Bournemouth and Bristol are full of video production companies.

How well have you used communication skills to present yourself to universities?

I feel that I have presented myself very effectively and professionally when approaching universities I’ve done this in various ways for example in my personal statement I was confident and motivated giving across a very positive attitude towards the industry and university. Also presented my skills with explanation to try to show the reader how passionate I am for media and what skills I can bring to their course.

How confident are you about your future?

I would say I’m confident as far as university is involved however my future after that I’m unsure about. I aim to go straight into the industry after university however the chance of that happening I feel are somewhat slim. So from the time I leave university I’m really unsure about as I would need to start considering things like moving out etc.