Developing your Knowledge


Bournemouth – Film Production & Cinematography

This course is firstly a 3 year course without placement and requires 120 to 128 tariff points from 3 A-Levels or a BTEC Extended Diploma. This course is very suitable for myself as it will continue to build my knowledge of film and specifically cinematography. the course covers media concepts and contexts, all type of film production, both working by myself and in group projects. Throughout the course focusing on a Professional development plan for future life.


Bournemouth Media Production

I chose this course as it expands my knowledge of all media topics rather than just film to build my portfolio and work possibilities as I don’t know if film is what as I want to focus on. this course covers many different aspect of media, from script writing to client relations. This course is a 3 year course without placement and requires 120 to 128 tariff points from 3 A-Levels or a BTEC Extended Diploma.

UWE Bristol – Film Studies / TV and Film

These courses specialises in film, both courses are suitable as it will continue to expanse my knowledge for film. Due to the fact that it covers all that I have previously done, giving me a head start on most aspects. These again are the 3 year courses without placements and both requires 120 tariff points to be excepted. Which is a reachable goal.

Brighton University – Moving Image

This course is structured very similar to the one above just in a different location. Except the you only need 112 tariff points to be excepted.

University of arts London – Film Practice

This course is run by the same exam board as the qualification I’m doing currently. The course is very similar and with qualification I will gain from the course it gives me a easy path on to this course. It is also structured very similar to the course meaning I’m used to how its formatted making the transition easy.  All topics in the course will help me specialise my skills in the film industry.



Work Placements

This is a suitable work placement as it deals with film production of all sorts from film to apps. WIRED have worked with clients from sky to Disney. As I peruse a film career this would be a very suitable placement as it does exactly what i’ve been training and learning to do.

AB Motion is a film production company. That work with brands, businesses and agencies creating digital content and advertising campaigns across all media platforms. they have worked from FLYBE, Clarks and Tesco with a impressive portfolio of work. This is a suitable work place as all products made have been made are all in my skill set due to this college course.



Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media

This Apprenticeship offers the opportunity to work in the industry while gaining a recognised qualification. The apprenticeship covers roles in a range of industries including TVradiogamesfilmanimationdigital and photo imaging. An apprentice will gain real experience of the workplace, a broader understanding of the creative industries and finish training ready to work and with a network of professional contacts.


 Other Career Paths

Royal Marines

Royal Air force








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