Self-Audit and Goal Setting

What are your main strengths in Media? I would say my main strength is that I can analyse different forms of the media professionally.

What are the main areas you need to work on? Pretty much all aspects of media. Except ^

How ambitious are you? What does this mean to you? I’d say i’m very ambitious I like putting myself out into the unknown and trying to work around problems, this means a lot to me as it means i’m always up for anything no matter the challenge. I also hate the feeling of stagnancy so with ambition you can always gain new experience and achieve new things. 😉

How much do you know about applying to university? I’d say I know the process of applying to uni really quite well,this is due to both my brother and sister along with going through parts of the process myself at my previous college. This gives me confidence about the whole process due to my previous experiences.

How much do you know about apprenticeships? My knowledge of apprentices is somewhat limited due apprenticeship never appealing to me, the only knowledge I have was gained from my previous college briefly covering it. This doesn’t give me much confidence about the application process as I don’t really know anything about it.

How much do you know about Media Work Placements? What i know about media work placements is somewhat limited, i’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in a print media company so i know the basis of media businesses (customer relations, creation, etc) however my knowledge in a moving image creation business is nil.

What are your main goals work/education for the next year? To not drop out again and get a distinction 😉

What are your main work/education goals for the next 3 years?  

Year 1: To gain this qualification i’m currently working on

Year 2: Then a gap year to train for the military

Year 3: Join the marines, if I don’t pass training. Join the RAF 

 —- OR —-

Year 1: To gain this qualification i’m currently working on

Year 2: Go to university, pass the first year

Year 3: Contine university etc.


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