Unit 9 – Evaluation

Personal performance Evaluation

Overall during the corporate video process  I would say we were really professional except from a few down falls. When meeting with the clients this was all conducted effectively as we continued to keep our client in the circle in what the product will actually look like, we did this by showing her the footage throughout the process. Another thing we did was to try and be as little of a nuisance as possible as we knew our clients was extremely busy. We did by only shooting when our client was available and happy for her to. Throughout the process we treated Laura as a paying client that had come to us to make her a corporate video  , we did this by outlining and developing ideas for her so we could pitch these to her agree on what we would make. By showcasing our ideas to Laura it allowed her to further develop and add more ideas about her business that we could use. During the filming stage we made sure each shoot planned was effectively conducted making sure we didn’t waste our clients time. We were all very punctual throughout the filming stage to avoided keeping Laura waiting as this to me is a factor of being professional as it shows respect.  Furthermore our communication was clear and had everything organised to minimise time lose on the shoot. Before we started shooting we were all assigned a role in production based on where our skills lay however we were all very flexible in our jobs and ended up doing a bit of everything. Overall I would say the professionalism of the product is reflected in the result.

Working with a client has really made me think about working freelance within the industry of media, however not on corporate videos. I’m glad of gained experience in this field of the media industry and will continue to try and acquire clients and work with them to make a corporate videos however its not something I would like to do as a career. I will continue to do them as how valuable client relations and experience working n the real world is, plus it helps builds my portfolio and media CV. I really enjoyed freelance working and having a client as your boss as it helps you get to know the business owner and what their business means to them and you trying to present that to all their potential customers and ultimately aiding the business. and throughout the process you do have a pressure for customer satisfaction but this just motivates you that little more to make the product better. For example with Laura I feel like we have gained an extremely valuable contact as she can now be a reference of work to any other client wanting our services.

I feel like my individual performance was good and were a very good team member, making sure all assigned work was completed while being part of shooting. However I feel like next time if something like this happen I would like to take control of the team. As being a director I must be able to be a leader. Saying this however I feel like as this was our first client based production we were all a little shy and sort of took a step back as we didn’t know were we stood.

When I first started enjoying film and its process I always used to think that it was basically just working on films, documentary and TV. It was very eye opening for me to see how much work goes into these types of advertising/corporate videos. I definitely enjoyed working with corporate video, it was so fulfilling to not only have a happy client and someone very enthusiastic about the product, but working with friends in a professional environment was also extremely useful as we knew each others strengths and weaknesses equally as well as being able to bounce off of each other when we needed ideas or even problem solving if needed. To conclude I now have such a big interest in carrying on with corporate video, as a media career maybe to start off doing free work and eventually with a good track record get some paying clients and even going freelance which leads on to my next topic.

This experience for me has really good for me as its made what to do more to build my portfolio but that I know that I wouldn’t want to do this for my career. I plan to continue doing free work for clients as it helps both myself and the business. Hopefully we reach appoint where we can actually start charging our client for a product in order to cover producing fees. It was really fulfilling to work with a client like Laura whos an amazing person to get where she has, and for her to walk away happy and enthusiastic about our product is a good feeling. I also think working with my bais, Ozzy, Benjo and Pppribid was really good especially how professional conducted we were, and as they are friends e all know each others advantages and disadvantages and we can all take criticisms from each other and bounce off of each other with idea development, problem solving , shot ideas etc.

Corporate Video Evaluation.

Laura seemed really happy with he product and said she would “100% use it”. She also continued to say that we all acted really professionally. All of her criticism was fair and constructive. Our product is fit for purpose. Laura described the video to sell her product without directly selling it, which to me is perfect for a corporate video for this type of business.

Our aims: After meetings with Laura, presenting our ideas for her to input hers, we decided to make a more narrative based video rather than an emotionless corporate video. as we wanted the video to reflect Laura, the gallery and her personality. This was a creative and indirect way of selling her products, rather than just have it products and product information. Within our video we incorporated her products by talking about the creation process and going along with the narrative. When presenting our ideas our client was impressed that we had this vision and helped us form the product, this communication clarity made the process smooth which primarily made the process easier. Overall the unfinished edit that we had worked on was exactly 7 minutes and 3 seconds and we thought this did pretty much what it set out to do.Another thing that helped the process was showing Laura our work in process in order for her to give continuous feedback.

We knew out product was a success as we were told when we first emailed our client, they were quite unsure on agreeing to us as they thought we would be a couple of college effortless kids that were just doing this for a project. However her expectation were wrong when we arrived for the first meeting, enthusiastic and well prepared. This feedback from our client was really positive and boosted our confidence in both this project and in general with client relations. Due to this, after the first meeting our client invited us to the animation studios that were developing her animation, based on her book. This instantly showed us that we were being treated professionally and with respect as it showed she trusts us.

Overall I would say that Laura was extremely happy with our product and how we conducted ourselves.  I feel like we have made a genuine friendship with Laura and Dave. This has give us connections from Lauras background in TV, also as she is very successful hopefully other companies with see our product and inquire about us.