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Background – Teignmouth Grand Pier is a great day out for family and friends. There’s something for everyone – from big kids to little ones – it offers you all the traditional attractions and entertainment in the Great British spirit of the seaside.  Everything was updated and we purchased new equipment along with traditional seaside amusements and new ticket redemption games, Happy Pigs and Crossy Road. Despite the yearly battering of wind and waves we have reached the grand old age of 151 this year. Teignmouth’s Grand Pier is situated in the middle of a superb level seafront. There’s ample free car parking along the promenade, with coach parking on the East Cliff a short, sign-posted walk away. 

Outline Customers – the customers for the pier are mostly tourists as Teignmouth is a very common holiday destination for family and Pensioners, and the pier has things for all ages it offers all traditional attractions, amusements, games and gamblers and video games with an ice cream and coffee shop. As it does include amusements the audience has a high percentage of children both locals and those on holiday. This shows how the video would need to be child friendly maybe meaning most of the video to be aimed at the entertainment side due to the percentage ratio of audiences.

Why they might need a corporate  video – Back in 2014 Teignmouth pier lost 90%  of  its machines and suffered with considerable damage that resulted in 6 months closure. This has lead to a considerable lose of business especially as it was closed through some of the peak months of the year. This shows how it might need a corporate video to increase or pick up business for next year, as since the storms the pier now has invested in new and updated arcade machines. Which potential customers don’t know about due to the negative publicity the pier has received. Also when the pier reopened its wasn’t advertised and people didn’t even realise it had re-opened.


BACKGROUND: Owner Patrick Fogarty moved to London from Teignmouth in the nineties and has worked alongside many of the country’s best mixologists, setting up and running some of the capital’s most exclusive cocktail bars and private member’s clubs.  Patrick has also set up multiple site food operations, fine dining restaurants as well as having consulted on spirits & Beer brand development. Patrick has a vast knowledge of drinks of all genres from craft beer & spirits to wine & cocktails.  He is obsessed with true smoked BBQ and is self trained in Southern states cooking along with a little help from New York’s Pit Masters. Fellow owner Dee Livingstone met Patrick in the big smoke while performing on the London stage.  Dee has managed everything from boutique hotels to gastro pubs over the years and is also an accomplished jazz singer.  Prior to moving back to Teignmouth, Patrick and Dee co owned a jazz restaurant in London for 7 years.

CUSTOMERS: There would be a wide variety of customers at Bronx, from large family parties to the occasion cocktail drinker. Mostly local people dine at Bronx as it is a smaller lesser known company, however lots of people in the area know about Bronx. I would think it invites anyone who likes American food and America in general also, due to the menu and the overall style of the restaurant.

WHY MIGHT BRONX NEED A CORPORATE VIDEO: Well firstly I think to get recognized by a higher volume of people from different areas in Devon. If people are passing through teignmouth from other areas and have seen a good corporate video that makes Bronx seem appealing they may consider stopping for a bite to eat. The other reason I think Bronx could benefit from a video is even more local recognition and understanding, because if people learn more about the workers and what they’re about more local people may consider trying Bronx.



Men in Sheds charity is a potential client that could benefit from a corporate video, rather than a few pictures alongside words that they have on their information page about the “shed” in Exeter located on the Age Uk website. Although they do have their own website, all of the videos are extremely outdated with the exception of one, and none of them are specific to the Exeter “shed” which would be the focus location of the corporate video. Looking at the charity, Men’s Sheds claim to be just like a bigger version of a typical mans garden shed, the members that join Men’s Shed get to join this friendly environment working on their own products restoring old tools and other wood/metal work in a friendly, safe way. This not only introduces something new and exiting for the elderly members to enjoy, but also offers them a learning experience where they can make new friends. Although the majority of the people who go to Men’s Sheds are older men(over 50), this does not restrict woman and younger people from these sites. A more up to date and better quality video would be extremely useful for Men’s Sheds, as it can not only help them reach out to more people that would like to join the charity, but it could also help with getting the word out for people who could donate to the charity, overall expanding the charity, and helping more elderly men find a hobby in their later life.


Laura Wall is an artist and illustrator who owns a studio and gallery based in Teignmouth where she sells her work along with other products. The website gives a lot of in-depth detail about her work, life and her achievements. However, I feel that a corporate video would be very beneficial for a small business like this one, not only would it help advertise the business but it offers her customers a in-sight in to what gets on and the feeling of knowing Laura better – the person who they could be paying a significant amount of money for her work. Laura doesn’t really have a specific audience, she’s an artist and creates what feels natural to her, however a great deal of people in Teignmouth may like her style of art as it strongly portrays sections inspired by the local seaside, and other locations.


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