Existing Corporate Videos

PrimeTime Amusements

As I couldn’t find a pre existing corporate video for a pier, I decided to find a selection of corporate videos on amusements as they share similarities in their business.  This first example was a corporate video for PrimeTime Amusements. The whole mise en scene of this video is structured much like a videogame or amusements game as being shown throughout the video this is further denoted through the use of music as it that similar to what you’d expect from an arcade game this is also shown through the whole video being structed as a game it starts from you switching it on, to the name and load up screen, to the content, to the the credits at the end. This has been really effective as it help aims it audience by making the video like the products they offer. The purpose of the video is to show all games and features that the company offers, as like any corporate video. The editing through-out the video is someone simple with straight cuts with reasonable time I order to give its audience a chance to see the products offered by the company. The use of infographics and visual effect further denote the video game style the makers have tried to stick to. The information throughout the video gives a brief history and clear representation on what the company offers while clearly sowings its whole ideology as a company. This shown through thing such as, “industries complete solution.”

 The Exploding Bakery

This is a small bakery located in exeter. The corporate video provides information about the bakers and what they believe their bakery stands for and of course the types of cakes they create.


  • Natural lighting (morning light- soft).
  • surfaces around room used as bounce.
  • light grey colour scheme.
  • focus pulling to make image soft.
  • hand held camera movements for natural feel.
  • smooth slider moves to display cakes – feels professional.
  • lots of CU used to display little details
  • overexposed background so you never see out side the shop.
  • camera never locked down – energy – forward moving.


  • showing what they can make (cakes/coffee)
  • lamps and style of bakery
  • people working in background.
  • show lots of baking ingredients makes it fresh.


  • what the owner is saying we sometimes see on screen.
  • L cuts used for cutting to owner speaking.
  • quite fast paced.


  • solo piano (simplicity fits tone).
  • music lowers dramatically when interview clips are shown.
  • no sounds of actual cooking.


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